This is Why You Need a Commercial Inspection

When you are a commercial business owner, you want your property to be the face of your business. The building or buildings need to reflect the image you are trying to have your clients or customers perceive.

There are various types of commercial businesses that can use a commercial inspection: office and retail buildings, apartment complexes and housing, restaurants, and industrial complexes. Especially when in the purchasing process of a commercial building, you can’t always trust what appraisers, lawyers, and real estate brokers say as they aren’t specialized in the inspections of a building.

Areas that could be included but not limited by in an inspection are: structural, electrical, plumbing, and the interior of a building. An inspector will look out for mold, HVAC, any crawlspaces, and make sure it is ADA compliant.

A professional building inspector will give you an accurate, detailed and easy to read report with digital photos that has all findings and recommendations for repairs, planned updates, and maintenance, outlined for your convenience. If there is any depreciation or discrepancies in your building, that can look bad on your business. If there are issues that you aren’t made aware of, it will cost you more money in the future to fix, than it would to see what the problems are now and get them repaired or prevented.

So if you live in the Fargo, ND area and are in need of a commercial inspection, contact Nordic Home Inspections. The inspection specialists at Nordic can consult with you on a commercial inspection and make sure your money is spent right!

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