Nordic Inspected – Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Thrift Stores


We inspected all 6 of Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch (DBGR) Thrift Stores in our area.

DBGR is a residential treatment and educational center for children and their families, and they help the most troubled, complicated and amazing kids by providing psychiatric care.

The Ranch started near Mapleton, ND in 1952 and was later moved to a 960-acres ranch near Tolley, ND. Eight boys lived at the Ranch at a time. They all had chores and helped with the day-to-day activities of the working ranch. In these early years, services provided to the boys were mainly composed of work study, spiritual life, recreation, and public school.

By 1957, 15 boys had been served by the Ranch with an average stay of 10 months. Still, 59 applications had been denied due to lack of space. This led to the purchase of 37-acre tract four miles west of Minot, ND.

The 70’s saw additional expansion as more and more boys came to the Ranch for care (girls had not yet been added). 160 acres of adjacent land was purchased, and the treatment program was expanded to include vocational training, teaching good work habits, and teaching the boys to take pride in personal accomplishments.

In the 1980’s, the Ranch started its thrift store operations with the opening of two thrift stores, one in Minot and one in Fargo, to support the programs and services of the Ranch. They were quickly followed by the opening of thrift stores throughout the region. Years of discussion and planning led to the opening of the Fargo Youth Home in 1988. The Youth Home began as a group home for boys, and in 1993 became the first Ranch facility to accept girls.

The early 90’s saw the Ranch step forward and become nationally accredited, ensuring that all those looking for services could be confident of the high quality of care the children received. That accreditation continues today.
The Ranch is now one of the largest social service agencies in North Dakota, with a $37 million annual budget and over 500 employees!!

To learn more about how to donate or volunteer please visit their website:


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