We inspected the Fargo Brewing Company building!

Fargo Brewing Company was founded in 2010 and is the oldest and largest operating brewery in North Dakota. 
Everything started in 2009 with Aaron Hill and Jared Hardy’s vision of bringing craft beer to North Dakota. Their main problem was that they had no idea how to brew craft beer.
This problem was solved when they were introduced to Chris and John Anderson through a mutual acquaintance. The Anderson brothers had experience with brewing and had plans of starting their own brewery at the time.

Now, Fargo Brewing Company is producing 55% of the beer in North Dakota, and are distributing throughout North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, and western Wisconsin.
In 2016 they opened Fargo Brewing Ale House in South Fargo. They are serving their own beer with a menu designed to pair best with the brews you choose.

Go check out their tap room in North Fargo, or their bar in South Fargo!

Your can see more of what they have to offer here:


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